Competitive Rowing

Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club have come a long way since taking part in our first Regatta at Clovelly 2009.
At that regatta we were at the back of the pack in all races. We learnt from watching other clubs over the next season – taking notes, changing and tweaking our technique and have gradually pulled through the ranks.

We compete most weekends throughout the season which runs from March through to September, this includes taking part in the World Championships held on The Scilly Isles in May each year.

Since our club has been competing we have been very successful considering we are a relatively new club, winning trophies from Devon, Dorset and The World Championships! This is largely due in part to the strong team feeling we have both in Competitive and Social rowing.

A crew of 6 rowers along with the steady hand (and head) of our Cox working together to beat the other crews in any given race. It is maybe the ultimate team sport!

Competitive rowing is hard work, exhausting, sometimes infuriating but always thoroughly good fun!!

Through the summer, ladies sessions are on a Monday and Wednesday and men row on a Tuesday and Thursday.