The proceedings were meant to start at 8.30 but due to the high wind and the waves meant that the start was delayed until 12.30! It was almost cancelled.However the first round of heats started and Ilfracombe B were the first to go up and with the conditions being so rough they knew it would be a battle. They had a great start and a cracking first turn. Along the second leg stroke side were getting a battering from the oncoming waves to say the crew got soaked was an understatement however they dug in and got round the course with the 6th highest non automatic qualifying time they were through to the quarter finals. The ladies A went out and had the same rough conditions they too had a great start and also got a thorough drenching and were in the lead. They dominated the race all the way round with a strong performance and they too were through to the next round.

Due to the conditions only the first round could be completed and the rest of the rowing was delayed until the next day. Sunday came and the weather couldn’t have been any more different! The sea was flat calm and the sun was beating down. Ilfracombe A put in another strong performance with great buoy turns by Sarah Eveleigh and Karis Turner and sharp coxing by Roy Thorne achieved a fantastic time of 13.28 one of the fastest times of the whole weekend. They cruised through to the quarter-finals. The Ilfracombe B again put in a fantastic performance with a great stroke rate by Gail Clemence and excellent coxing by Barry Turner achieved a really fast time and only missed qualifying by a few seconds for the quarter finals a great weekend for the B crew.

The quarter-finals were now ready and Ilfracombe had the hardest draw with the World Champions in their race. They had a great start and having the berth nearest the harbour they had to contend with various things in the water. They raced down the first leg and things were looking great and then as everyone was so evenly matched reached the first buoy at the same time there were oars, boats, everywhere a few boats colliding (known as a Cornish kiss!) it was bedlam, Ilfracombe came out of the melee in 3rd place. They battled along the second leg with Caradon weaving trying to take Ilfracombes water. On the final buoy Caradon, Ilfracombe and Swanage met again Swanage got the mark and shot off with Caradon and Ilfracombe battling each other down the final stretch. Caradon beat Ilfracombe but were given a time penalty for their conduct but unfortunately it didn’t help Ilfracombes time.

Ilfracombe A came 22nd out of 96
Ilfracombe B came 35th out 96.

A great weekend and thanks to Newquay for again the organisation in tough conditions.


As – Zoe Green, Julie Gordge, Mandy Turner, Lisa Furborough, Kairs Turner, Sarah Eveleigh, Cox Roy Thorne

Bs – Gail Clemence, Trudy Raby, Sarah Barclay, Cath Lake, Jane Bridges, Patricia Dymond, Ros Cooke, Cox – Barry Turner