The second regatta of the season was held in Dartmouth on Saturday, once again the conditions were perfect.

The days racing got under way with the Ladies B which was a messy race with boats colliding and boats disqualified. Ilfracombe ladies got trapped and caught up with Paignton who had been pushed over by Caradon.Being tangled up put the ladies in last place but they got the bit between their teeth and caught up and over took boats to come 6th valiant effort despite the set back.

The ladies A after seeing what happened in the previous race learnt and started well and were up with the pack. The ladies stroke was going well and took a comfortable 3rd position.

The mens B had a cracking start with a great pace set by Stuart Cansfield down the first leg with a clear turn on the first buoy they were neck and neck with Cattewater. They had another great turn on the second buoy and they extended their lead against all the other boats in the race. The men came 2nd which is a fantastic result almost 30seconds ahead of the rest of the pack.

The mens A had the World number two in their race and the men really wanted this title. The men went off to a flying start with Caradon and Ilfracombe battling for the lead. Half way up the first stretch Ilfracombe had the lead which gave them the edge going into the first turn as the had water which pushed Caradon to have to take the outside line. Ilfracombe sprinted away by which time there was a boat length in between them. The second turn was taken with ease and Ilfracombe opened up and paced down the finishing straight increasing their lead to come first. Taking the win, this is only the second time in history that this trophy has been taken outside of Cornwall! A good win for Ilfracombe and puts them in good stead for the World Championships in May. Men’s A – Keith Barclay, Jack Turner, John Stanbury, Stuart Dagley, Jeremy Webb, Barry Turner Cox Zoe Green

Next up were the veterans races (over 40’s) the ladies went first and there were three boats right from the start breaking away from the rest Dartmouth, Ilfracombe and Caradon. The ladies showed what they were made of and started to pull away from Caradon and came in to take 2nd place.

The Mens Vets went down the first stretch with all the teams battling for the lead they went into the first turn and with a great turn by Colin Emery and Graham Watson started to pull away from the pack they were moving up the positons. After the second turn the boats all upped a gear and the men sprinted over the line to get a very comfortable 3rd.

Another great result for the team. The last race of the day was the mixed race and the team were all geared up they went off to a fantastic start to take the lead from the beginning. They took the turns easily and the just extended the lead everytime going down the final leg they were just increasing the lead. Ilfracombe won with over 10 seconds before the boat in second place!

Ilfracombe won the overall regatta trophy a great result for Ilfracombe.

Men’s A 1st
Men’s B 2nd
Ladies A 3rd
Ladies B 6th
Men’s veterans 2nd
Ladies veterans 3rd
Mixed 1st