Our Wooden Gigs

Ilfracombe’s two wooden Gigs were built near Dartmouth, by traditional boat-builder Brian Pomeroy. Rapparee was built in 2008 to a slightly different design to our newest Gig, Rogue. Recently the CPGA has tightened up the rules, where all new Gigs have to have a slightly lower bow. Rapparee was built prior to this ruling. As we normally row in the sea, the higher bow is an advantage. Rogue, has the lower bow but has now more than proven herself in the infamous Ilfracombe ‘slop.’ Both our Gigs are made of a mix of timbers, The keels are a combination of Opepe and Oak, for strength and lightness, with all the planking for their ‘clinker’ construction being of the only permitted timber, Elm. The Elm for Rapparee and Rogue is from the same batch of Scottish Wych Elm. This British Elm is running out, and all future timber will have to be sourced from countries such as Finland. Each Gig takes around 5 months to build. Brian Pomeroy has built many Gigs, which are almost exclusively rowed by Devon clubs, many of which are here in the North of the region. The list includes Ajax, Cadmus, Double Dutch, Lightning, Verbena & Whitford, to name but a few. Ilfracombe’s nearest neighbouring clubs include Appledore, Barnstaple, Bideford, & Torridge to the West, and Clevedon and Bristol to the East.



Our Fibreglass Gigs