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Caradon Gig Club

Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4EL



A Crew (cox- Roy Thorne) –   Zoe Green, Mandy Turner, Karis Turner, Sarah Eveleigh, Cath Lake, Sarah Rendle. – 16th

B Crew (cox Dave Waters) – Gail Bennellick, Roz Cook, Jade Rendle, Liz Garnett, Jane Bridges, Pat Dymond – 58th


A Crew cox (Keith Barclay) – Mike Davison, Simon Frost, Stuart Dagley, Romek Griffiths, Jez Webb, Rhys Deane – 33rd

B Crew (cox Dave Waters) – Jerry Rendle, Dave Schiller, Chris Crowe, Grantley South, Graham Watson, Barry Turner – 42nd


A crews in Rapparee – 14th out of 60

B crews in Rogue – 52nd out of 60

Please find the full 2016 results HERE

Please find the entrants for the 2016 race HERE

As it is the first (& one of the longest!) races of the season, the guys at  have put together these top tips:

  • Cold: It’s not uncommon for it to be freezing at the event, so remember light warm clothes that you can take off just before the start.
  • Hands: Lots of people suffer with numb hands if it is cold, gloves whilst warming up are a good idea.
  • Fluids: It’s a long race, so make sure you get plenty of fluids onboard.
  • Tide: Coxes be aware that up to three knots of tide can run and this has a big effect on the race and berthing. Make sure you row up into the stream as you come alongside.
  • First mark: Like many gig races the first mark is vital, although some position change after most don’t. Don’t blow your arms or kill your crew on the first leg, but make sure you give them a good hard push to get a good position round that first and second mark before you stretch out for the third and longest leg.
  • Parking: Is usually restricted around the gig launching sites – with only towers permitted down on to the unloading area. The Saltash car parks are usually recommended. Full details are sent out via club secretaries close to the event.
  • Food: On sale within the Caradon clubhouse.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 5th March for what should be a cracking opener to the 2016 season!